Audio/Visual Selection



This creative selection is focused on Design for Music


It contains projects that include design for print media,

on-line and content for social media and youtube


Antilounge is an electronic record label based in Den Haag and I was involved with their 36th album.


I was tasked with designing the cover art for the physical CD and digital release, a launch event poster and conversion for social media, which included a bespoke typeface.

available on bandcamp and

music streaming platforms

content for instagram and tiktok


left: antilounge animated poster

centre + right: self-promotion/personal projects


I produce electronic music under the pseudonym o_S_k_m

(four letters, not a word) and create cover artwork for each release and promotional videos for youtube



created for the bandcamp streaming platform

Promotional videos captured and created under the alter-ego ‘thought.projector’, an alias I used for vj-ing/performance.

visual reworking for a remix of a song


‘onaip’ remix – o_S_k_m

a timelapse video to support a new ep release


‘standing stone sunset’ – o_S_k_m

teaser/promo video for Ground Level Records, an animated version of the cover art.


‘steal tonight’ – Pyramid

design for print media, events posters and magazine DPS

cover artwork for streaming services/CD for Ground Level Records (sadly now closed)

Why Psychic Lightbulb?

software knowledge:

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Premiere Pro


Ableton Live


experience of:

graphic design for print, including posters, magazines, CD/DVD packaging, banners & signage, garments and cut vinyl graphics

Image creation for social media content

video editing of promotional/music videos for youtube and social media

personal projects include organising A/V events and producing electronic music