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"I draw upon my experiences in design & print services, vinyl graphics & sign writing and digital art to be able to offer a diverse set of skills to clients"

Glenn - Psychic Lightbulb

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Our Mission

To create the right aesthetic that fits your needs, reflects your values or purpose and helps you tell your story.

Graphic Designer, Illustrator & maker of tea.

Glenn Psychic Lightbulb

Glenn has many years of industry experience to draw from in numerous disciplines, including design & print services, vinyl graphics & sign writing, digital art and illustration.


Previous projects have included branding & logo creation, design for music such as album cover art & events posters, and window & vehicle graphics.


He enjoys green tea with orange blossom and a dash of honey.

So... what does Psychic Lightbulb mean then?

Maybe the name came from a Dadaist influenced method of randomly selecting words from a cut up list?


It could mean that moment when an idea comes to you in an unexpected flash of inspiration, direct from the cosmos…


…who knows?! Either way, it’s caught your attention, and because its rather abstract, you’ll probably remember the name.